DDoS Attack Protection

Protect Cloud Servers Against Volumetric DDoS Attacks

The malicious traffic will automatically divert to the scrubbing center in Hong Kong for mitigation.

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What is DDoS and how does it work?

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic of a targeted server or online services by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. The goal is to render the website or service inoperable.

Error Attacks

20Gbps DDoS Attack Protection

DDoS Attack Protection automatically diverts DDoS attack traffic to the scrubbing center at Hong Kong for mitigation, which means the clean traffic can still pass through to your server, in order to minimize the effects of a service outage.

  • Up to 20Gbps Protection
  • Each Protection Applicable to One Cloud Server
  • Automatic Filtering
US$51.00/mth (20Gbps)
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Shield Anti-DDdos

DDoS Attack Protection defends against
the following types of DDoS attacks for you.

Layer 3


Attacks are known as Smurf Attacks, ICMP Floods, and IP/ICMP Fragmentation.

Layer 4


Attacks include SYN Floods, UDP Floods, and TCP Connection Exhaustion.

Layer 7


Mainly, HTTP-encrypted attacks.


LayerStack's multi-layer DDoS attack protection is capable of detecting and defending in real-time, protecting your resources from malicious DDoS attacks.

Multi-layered Protection

Multi-layered Protection

Protect your servers around clock 365 days by implementing security on network layer, transport layer and application layer.

Avoid Service Outage

Avoid Service Outage

Clean traffic can still pass through to your server, in order to minimize the effects of a service outage.

Protect Business Reputation

Protect Business Reputation

Avoid long-term negative impact a DDoS attack to protect your site's reputation

*Traffic mitigation based on the source IP address location. Not applicable to China IP address.

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