China Direct CN2 Route

Direct Connections to Mainland China with the Ultra-speed brought by CN2

With the addition of CN2 routes 2-way directly connected to mainland China, users will significantly reduce network latency and receive throughput improvements.

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China Direct CN2 Route
Direct China Route

What is LayerStack China Direct CN2 Route?

The LayerStack China Direct CN2 Route offers a business class solution for enterprises seeking a high-performance connection with China. This route is backed by the top three carriers in China, including China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile, ensuring high capacity, superior performance, solid reliability, and excellent speed.

With LayerStack China Direct CN2 Route, you can easily get the addition of CN2 GIA routes quickly and cost-effectively as your business grows.

LayerStack China Direct CN2 Route with CN2 GIA is now available as an add-on service to all cloud servers’ service plans.

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What is CN2?

CN2 (AS4809), also known as the China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network, which is a premium China route that provides the highest resilience, redundancy and low latency direct connection to China. CN2 currently covers nearly 200 cities in mainland China with points of presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, New York, etc.

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What is CN2 Global Internet Access (CN2 GIA)?

GIA is the highest-level access in CN2; it is theoretically the fastest and most stable China routes that can be provided by the cloud service providers. CN2 GIA rarely has congestion and able to offer with the highest speed, redundancy, and lowest latency.

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